Top 10 Upcoming Monster Taming Games in 2023 and BEYOND! -

Top 10 Upcoming Monster Taming Games in 2023 and BEYOND!

Gym Leader Ed
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In today’s video, we’re checking out some Monster Taming games that I believe will have a major impact on the genre as a whole and are the games I’m personally most excited for!


Myth Caller:


Cassette Beasts:

Digimon Story: Shadow Over the Past:


Kindred Fates:



Disc Creatures WORLD:


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  1. SkyClimbers sounds like every game I like to play rolled into one.

  2. Great list with very reasonablepoints Ed! It''s certainly an exciting time in the genre- personally it's all about Casette Beasts. A lot of the others look great but I only have a switch 😅

    Actually I'm also hyped for Abomination and (hopefully 2023?) Patch Quest for switch. Been praying those make the jump for a long time😁

  3. I'm saying this a lot lately, but 2023 and 2024 are going to be two awesome years for Monster Taming games.
    I am personally hyped by Creature Keepers also, that didn't make It into the list. There's also a whole bunch of cool Pokémon hackrom and fakemon developping this year

  4. I bought SMT V because of your videos and 70 hours later, it’s been a lot of fun. Thank you for the hard work you do, Ed.

  5. Namenlos مجهول නමක් නැති says:


  6. The Mon Direct got me to finally get back to playing Disc Creatures and its pretty cool! My only complaint is the level curve falls into the trap that a lot of "we're going for that old pokemon feel" games fall into of it takes AGES to level up and I hope Disc Creatures World can address that.

  7. That Digimon Story fangame looks so GOOOOOD

  8. Even before seeing Palworld and Lumentale on here, I called that Cassette Beasts would be near the top but lost it seeing it at number 1.May also have to try Myth Caller.

  9. DokeV basically looks like a game that is going to run a razor's edge. On one hand it has super high detail and super flashy animations with tons of particle effects but on the other hand…
    Well, there are a lot of triple A games out there and very few of them even attempts to get close to that level, simply because it's so incredibly hard to get everything running smoothly and optimized.
    Those animations may look great in a pre rendered video from some ridiculous dev setup, but how well is it going to run on an average gaming PC, or Arceus forfend, a console?

    That giant hammer animation also looked like it had a massive amount of dead time in its animation where you're either winding up for the attack or recovering after it, if this is an action RPG I'm probably very seldom going to use such an attack if I can be hit in the execution.

  10. Offputting? Palworld is literally my #1 game on this list. If it's good it will definitely be game of the year material for me, we have never seen a game like it.

  11. I'm really excited for doke doke v out of anything

  12. I'm really liking most of these you showed. 🙂

  13. Don’t really like your list at all except digimon story

  14. I prefer pokemon like games like Coromon and Nexomon. For some reason I have trouble trying new types of games. Pokemon is all I play when I have free time now and it's what I like. Nexomon and Coromon were a blast to play so I'm looking forward to what's next in those series.

  15. Hey bro you ever cover crashlanders before?

  16. Ed, did you ever play Pokémon Conquest? You might like it!

  17. Palworld looks amazing but wish it were less shooter focused. The digimon fan game is also intersting but the pocket/chibi style pushed at this level starts to drive me away. Anyway all awsome games!

  18. I'm very excited for doke V but I'm also curious how the creatures interact 🤔

  19. I have never heard of Nanokin before this video but I am glad I did. It looks like the “Robopon” spiritual successor of my dreams.

  20. Digimon world next order pc port is easily #1 for me.

  21. I thought palworld was releasing on the switch???

  22. I wanna add to your mention of the "Palworld should use laser guns" argument: Laser guns wouldn't be as funny as normal guns. Normal guns have a certain shock value that I think the game is going for.

  23. I wish every game on this list turns out to be successful.

  24. So I've been playing temtem for a few days now, and i accidentally cancelled an evolution thinking it's skips the animation, do i need to level it up 20 time again? Or well it evolves in a couple of levels?

  25. Hyped as heck for PALWORLD, Dokev and of course Lumentale.

    Pokemon Xenoverse was incredible. My fav Pokemon game ever.

  26. just wish they would make a physical copy of the game and bring to the west and to the Nintendo switch to most times only tiny hand full come to the Nintendo switch and to the west bit sucks for me

  27. DokeV is too good to be true. lets wait until actual gameplay from the devs

  28. Dont trust a game trailer that is pre rendered

  29. Nanokin reminds me of medabots for some reason

  30. Never heard of Nanokin before… It's on my watch list now! Thanks!

  31. Dont know about Lumentale in this list as the game isnt even planned to launch a bet this year (In their kickstarter the beta is planned to happen in march 2024)

  32. You should talk about CryptoZoo. It's gonna be the next pokemon /s

  33. I was hoping for more ones coming to switch

  34. Every 3d game on this list is in my Steam wishlist.

  35. Seeing that Digimon fan game using sprites for the vital bracelet makes me dream and crave that they'll somehow support communication with the VB somehow. Right now, I wish that my Digimon I've exercised for could do more than just sit in my watch and do battle in the arena app 🥺

  36. Based on what little we've seen so far, DokeV is either going to be incredible or utter garbage with no room inbetween

  37. Only one I'm really looking forward to that you didn't have is Nexomon 3. Though to be fair I know nothing about it other than it's in the works and Nexomon Extinction was one of my favorite monster tamer games ever. Hope you get some news about it soon.

  38. OOOOO THESE LOOK AWESOME!!! I’m super excited for Cassette Beasts omg!!!

  39. What game in the intro is 2d pixeladed top down and has a big red dragon Dino?

  40. Hey brother did u gave a look into Volzerk : Monsters and Lands Unknown it will release the end of this month it looks pretty legit also give a look into the tencent monster collector that is in the making called ROCO KINGDOM I believe it could be great?(actually this one I dont know it could be just a gacha)

  41. Gym leader ED, Palworld posted a 15-second video of gameplay on their discord in the dev random topic. Looks like a human character releases a spell effect. It looks cool.

  42. First Battle from Pokèmon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness is a song I listen to very often. I went off topic there but going back on topic I know I'm looking forward to Digimon World Next Order on Switch, I think it's coming out on PC too.

  43. Is Temtem still good? I'm looking for a new monster taming pvp game to play a friend but I'm between Temtem and Monster hunter stories 2. Which is more fun for pvp??? Need answers

  44. I think the only problem with Lumentale is that the battle looks a bit boring animation wise, could use some cooler effects on attacks.

  45. what are those 3 monsters in the thumbnail? are they going to be in any of these games?

  46. Hello there!!! I was hoping someone here could help me find a Monster-Taming game I saw on the Xbox One Series X store. I can't remember the name but it was something along the lines of "Monster-Breeder" or "Monster Caretaker" or something along those lines. It had an 16-bit 2D visual style. If you know the game and it's name please let me know since I'm interested in it. Thanks!!!

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