Top 10 Video Game Monster Hunters -

Top 10 Video Game Monster Hunters
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There are games where you hunt monsters and there are games where you ARE the monster. Check out Best Games Where You Play as a Monster!

It’s time to slay some beasts. For this list, we’ll be looking at characters from across the history of video games who spend their time hunting and slaying terrible creatures, be it professionally or for survival. Our countdown includes Geralt of Rivia “The Witcher” Series (2007-15), Link “The Legend of Zelda” Series (1986-), Wander “Shadow of the Colossus” (2005), Aloy “Horizon Zero Dawn” (2017), and more! Who’s YOUR favorite monster hunter in video games? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. some times i think you do bring the first place for the weakest or poorest choice on purpose,just like here,belmont clan i mean come on ……..

  2. Doomguy from doom and kratos from god of war

  3. What? Dante isnt scared of Demons! WTF ? get your facts right 5:10

  4. number 1 ''they had in the first half not gonna lie''

  5. How in the hell is Dante ever scared of demons????

  6. Doomslayer is not on the list because they are talking about the profession of hunting.

  7. how the hell is Kratos from the God of war series not on this list.

  8. No Samus Aran? Space Pirates, metroids, x parasites, etc. all wiped out…

    Come on bro

  9. Realy? No kratos???
    I taught he kills many monsters

  10. You forgot borderlands 2 you ass and shadow of mordor part 1 and 2!

  11. Geralt should be number 1 also Hawke or the Inquisitor from the dragon age series should be on here.

  12. I'm surprised Wander isn't at the top of the list.

    10. Turok
    Turok series
    09. The dovahkiin
    Elders scrolls v Skyrim
    08. The Hunter
    07. Alloy
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    06. Dante
    Devil May Cry series
    05. Wander
    Shadow of Colossus
    04. Hunter
    Monster Hunter series
    03. Link
    Legend of Zelda series
    02. Geralt of Rivia
    Either series
    01. The Belmont clan
    I am not asking to like just asking to make the video lists so others can follow you this can help many busy people to save time

  14. so the hunter from bloodborne is on the list, but not the ashen one from dark souls??

  15. I would argue the hero of kvatch should be here instead of the dovahkiin. Skyrim has alof of bandit areas and forsworn camps so there's alot of human enemies, whereas in oblivion you're killing, boars, wolves, mountain lions, goblins, rats, imps, daedric churls and other ranks, zombies, skeletons, and a bunch of other non human enemies whereas bandits aren't as common

  16. Where's sora? Or samus? Or doomslayer? Or those dont count?

  17. Me: No 1 is Luigi…
    Moko: "We're just messing with u"
    Me: OK.
    Mojo: NO 1. The Belmont Clan

    Me: Where the fuck is my BFG

  18. Bruh every time I search stuff in YouTube I always see watchmojo uploading a video about it

  19. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Turok on a Watchmojo video! Thank you Watchmojo gods!

  20. Dragon's dogma and Monster hunter should be in the top 3, monster hunter at 1!!!!

  21. How come the witcher guy and the shadow of colossus guy is better than Dante?
    This is a bad ranking.

  22. Kinda thought Doom would be on this list. Where's Samus?

  23. Where is the doom slayer, he deserves to be top 3 in my opinion with dante and the hunter from monster hunter

  24. Steve and Alex from Minecraft! LOL

  25. I wish there were more 21st century monster hunter video games. Also I don't think dante is afraid of demons.

  26. Watchmojo did Nintendo pay u off or are u just stupid Geralt is the monster hunter to end all monster Hunters NOT Mario's brother

  27. – Wait why i hear someone asking something?
    – what do you hear?
    – that's strange do why don't you go To a doctor?
    – yeah right

  28. 10:22 – I beat the game and I swear Dracula did'nt take that form, neither was the environment such…… there have been a few bonuses mightbe I took an alternate route and missed them. Great game, Castelvania Curse of Darkness was wayy better, but I prefer if Konami releases one where investigation and lore into monsters + hunting and open world quests make up the chunk of the gaming. It would be great to have an open world Castelvania Universe.

  29. Why almost ALL are RPG games…..

  30. How is the monster hunter character more powerful then Dante? Dante a way better hunter

  31. (4:24) About Eva who Sparda fell in love with, She is an Angel mentioned in the one Devil May Cry. As a result, Dante and his brother Vergil are Nephilem, the hybrid of Angel and Demon.

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