Top 20 CREEPIEST ENEMIES In Video Games -


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For as long as video games have existed, there have been enemies for us to fight against. And some of them are really, really creepy. We’ve come up with some of the creepiest enemies we’ve ever had to fight in games.
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  1. Don’t know why you would be afraid of clickers I mean you are a bird

  2. I would’ve put winter lanterns if we’re talking bloodborne, or those spider woman things in irithyll dungeon. creepy

  3. There are many disgusting enemies on dark souls, specially in the depths….

  4. The Centipede from Dark Souls 3 honestly surprised me when i first saw it.

  5. The Silent Hill nurses aren't scary… y'know.. 😀

  6. I kinda got PTSD from "The Grudge" as a kid, which made the clickers that much more horrible to deal with.

  7. Video: mind flayer…
    Me: what? Stranger things aint a game.
    Video again: … from demon soul
    Me: oh :/

  8. When you said deadhand I thought they were the wall and floor masters

  9. Can you glue on the fetus monster from RE8 at the end of this video?

  10. Didnt see this yet but i bet the regenerator from re4 is on here

  11. the lickers from resident evil are a step ahead specifically from crimson heads.

  12. You could have just said 'all of Bloodborne' and called it a day.

  13. The fast headcrab zombies were worse than regular headcrab or poison headcrab zombies.

  14. No…no you do not have to clean things in the world of bloodborne. Blood is literally all over everything…even you, and I love it 😍

  15. im kinda surprised none of the flood are on here

  16. Did anybody think the circled letters spelled out anything important?

  17. Am I the only one that thinks Bloodborne & DarkSouls 3 could have filled 3 of these videos by themselves? Lol yuk

  18. One I would add to this list is Reaper Leviathans from Subnautica. . . they are terrifying when they jump scare you in the murky water around the Aurora crash site. Otherwise, great video!

  19. The teacher from Little Nightmares 2. That bitch is heinously terrifying

  20. The fungus controls the insects body, not its mind. Alpha nerd out

  21. I was gonna have some food and saw this video in recommendation. Playing it was one of the worst decisions of my life.

  22. Part 2 can be the baby creature of resident evil village

  23. The librarians from the Metro games, they still scare me after multiple playthroughs.

  24. Imma just go ahead and say the the 12 headed monster zombie thing in the last of us part 2 is my most recent creepy monster.
    But out of all time the creepiest enemy to me is probably Little Hopes Demons or Wendigos from until dawn.

  25. The baby monster from Resident Evil 8 village will take a place

  26. What’s up with the circled letters? I did a weird thing and got the word “Exotics”, so like how all these creatures are somewhat foreign to us or something, right?

  27. The baby from Resident Evil Village is creepy as of 2021

  28. iron maidens make the scariest snuffling sound and pain moans ever

  29. a fed katarina in league of legends is the most scariest enemy

  30. Spider lady from the evil within or the updated crazy version of her in the evil within 2z

  31. The babies from Jericho (ps3)
    The flees from Chosen (win98)

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