Top 20 CREEPIEST ENEMIES In Video Games -


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For as long as video games have existed, there have been enemies for us to fight against. And some of them are really, really creepy. We’ve come up with some of the creepiest enemies we’ve ever had to fight in games.
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  1. The Unofficial Rick Astley meme channel. says:

    you forgot the undead skeletons in ninja gaiden

  2. Nechromorphs? Pyramid head? Woman from the PT demo?!?!

  3. As a kid it was always those zombie things when playing as adult Link on the way to Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time
    Freaked me the hell out 😶

  4. You forgot volatiles from dying light.

  5. May I ask, where TF are centaurs from fallout new vegas?

  6. Great video but you should of showed each of the enemies attacking….also killing the player

  7. i cant think of a name so this is it says:

    The creepiest enemy in my opinion is the Banshee's from Mass Effect 3

  8. Top 3 Scariest video game enemies
    Bloodborne enemies
    Bloodborne enemies
    Bloodborne enemies

  9. You want creepy, how about the wendigo looking things from their Xbox 360

  10. Coaaoewryedfhipkmmtc

    10 g's please 🥺🥺🥺

  11. Can’t believe those night infected things from dying light didn’t make the list

  12. The scariest thing in a game 4 me would b the rotten from dark souls 2, or the reaper leviathan from subnautica.

  13. This is the most pathetic creepy video game creatures video ever.

  14. There actually is a fungus that controls insects srsly check it out

  15. i knew the name mind flayer from stranger things lol

  16. Ghouls from Fallout.
    Frostbite Spiders from Skyrim.

  17. Is it weird if I find the nurse kinda hot??

  18. How on earth are you not gonna include winter lanterns from bloodborne?!?!?!

  19. I nominate the Bone Leech from Blood II: The Chosen. The leech is rather large and will viciously pursue your face. Much like the Xenomorph face hugger. The screen will freak out when you get it on your face, letting you know you're done for.

    The Leech will burrow into the chest of a human and attaches to the spinal nerves. This is when the Soul Drudge phase begins

    The Bone Leech directs the actions of the Soul Drudge. In turn, the human who still occupies the mind of the Soul Dredge is fully aware of the horror their body commits. No longer able to control their body.

    Eventually the Bone Leech's hooked limbs protrude from the human arms. The human host has transpired. Likely subdued by the horror and physical shock of the transportation.

    The final, distressing form of the Bone Leech is the Drudge Priest. A soaring torso with several spidery and hooked limbs protruding from the back and sides. Worst of all, the Drudge Priest rains Bone Leeches in it's wake. So, not only do you need to defeat a flying monstosity, but you also must take care to avoid the multiple Leeches. Which most certainly are coming for you.

  20. They started with the clickers from Last of Us but the stalkers are even creepier

  21. i'm surprised there weren't more bloodborne enemies on here. some of them are fucking terrifying.

  22. Dark Souls – ALWAYS attack the chests before opening

  23. 8 still have the ps 2 version of half live and the graphics make me scared as shit

  24. Idk why but I say the thumbnail and then read the title as top 10 creepiest SMILES in video games lol

  25. I would have said the pisaca from dark souls instead of the octopus men from demons souls.

  26. I just knew when I clicked into this video that there was gonna be a lot of soulsborne games

  27. If there isn't a reaper leviathan isnt in here I'll be angery

  28. No winter lantern shout out? They look like hell, And that frenzy damage makes me poop my pants

  29. Nemesis
    for me nemesis was the ultimate creeper of all time

  30. Yea I know that the last of us part two was 2020 But proxys look like chambers from the game

  31. This whole list could be bloodbourne, dark souls, and witcher.

  32. Wendigo are like nature but evil.
    Do you not know anything about nature

  33. What about anima?

    Especially on ps4 where her creepy singing comes out of the controller

  34. Should have replcaced the zelda ones with others. Uncharted (the first game) those monster things for instants

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