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Top 20 Scary Monsters in Video Games
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If we ever came across these scary video game monsters in real life, we’d flee as quickly as possible! For this list, we’re looking at the most terrifying tyrants to take over our consoles and computers. Our countdown includes The Baby from “Resident Evil: Village” (2021), Stalkers from the “Dead Space” series (2008-), The Rat King from “The Last of Us: Part II” (2020), Finger Creepers from “Elden Ring” (2022), and more! Which of these foul creatures haunt you to this day? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Well he didn't even mention the Regenerators from RE4, oh come on…

    I understand that most of the monsters here are based on how much they scare you screamer effect, but I think that the top five in the top should close the monsters that scare you just looking when you replay the same game

  2. The ReDead/Gibdo in Ocarina of Time are scarier than most of these

  3. I'm sorry but number 1 should've been the Regeneradors from RE4. We all know that sound.

  4. 5:22 “We all have our banes when it comes to the last of us; Clickers, stockers, bloaters…” you forgot Abby on that list mate.

  5. In the left 4 dead tank and witch were my nightmare, because when I played this game, I was 9-10 yo. I like zombie games and movies since I was a kid lol

  6. Isn't anyone gonna talk about the puppet(s) in RE8 dlc shadow of rose who was chasing us when we are not looking at it, god damn my heart couldn't handle this part, I can't stop my tears when I just think and remember that terrifying shit

  7. Just wait until tech and budgets catch up to making video game play looks like CGI movie monsters

  8. I saw the Baby from RE Village and I shut off and uninstalled the game immediately.

  9. When the giant fetus from RE8 caught and ate me I had to stop playing for a few days. That sent some serious shivers down my spine

  10. Kinda hoped the redeads from Zelda made it on here. They were super dark and scary back when they debuted on Ocarina of Time and the fact that they let out that nightmare fuel scream and freeze you in place puts you in pure panic mode

  11. The fact that the regenerators from re4 aren't on this list makes me quite sad and I really think they should have been

  12. The fact that the Pumpkin Hill Ghosts from Sonic Adventure 2 or The Reaper Leviathans from Subnautia aren't on here blows my mind

  13. I would also say them redead things in Ocarina of Time. I remember when I first played that game and them things gave me nightmares

  14. The Enderman section was really cringey…. it's mine craft… shouldn't have even been on the list …

  15. No project zero (fatal frame) ghosts? Kusabi comes to mind. How about Obscure? The school corridor chase

  16. I remember playing Silent hill: Origins in my PSP, way back 2012. From that game I’ve been traumatize of the nurses, pyramid head and the mirror in where you can go to the Otherworld 😫. Damn!!! What an awesome experience as a kid back then haha 😂

  17. Can we talk about the enderman cause its not scary

  18. Chris Walker by far the most intimidating monster

  19. So Xenom orphs get a spot on best movie monster and best video game monster? I dont think thats right #2 should go to a video game monster

  20. I remember my first death in outlast. That big guy doesn't rip your head off your body. He rips your body off your head.


  22. I like mine craft, but fuck off with it being scary, all I see is blocks.

  23. Cry of Fear has a few great monsters – the creepy girls that chase you breathing rapid and heavily and the chainsaw guy are good picks

  24. The Night Rippers from Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare.

  25. The lack of love Amnesia gets bothers me sometimes

  26. Somehow enderman really are just so scary, either intentionally or unintentionally.

  27. I honestly thought that volatiles from dying light would be here

  28. This list is garbage. A lot of monsters shouldn’t be on this list and some that are not even scary visually are rated higher than the ones that are, but to each their own I guess 🤷🏾‍♂️

  29. I’m Happy to see Dead By Daylight made it on this list😎

  30. Chainsaw guy at beginning of Resident 4 for me.
    BIG Daddy and Creepy girl in FIRST BIOSHOCK.
    I agree on Pyramid Head for Silent Hill.
    And… Kratos mother = God of War: Betrayal. Lol, 4real, when she bites/latches on to you!!! ugh stuff of nightmares!! Damn, Zeus no wonder you were afraid of your children coming to kill you!!!!

  31. Hearing someone talk about PT then include a clip from Silent hill 2 is more saddening than what they did to PT lol

  32. I need to say this now, but the eel isn't even scary.

  33. The grim reaper from game over screen of Shadowgate still gives me nightmares.

  34. This is probably the worst list ever… he forgot Mr X and the regenerators

  35. Alma still scares me to this day its wasn't her it's how she effected the environment around you.

  36. Pretty much everything from the Little Nightmares games. I hate the flashlight tweakers the most.

  37. There was an escape room company where I live that made a room based on the PT demo and if was basically a 1:1 copy of the game. Reeeeaalllly cool to play that one.

  38. Resident Evil is most scary and FNAF full of jumpscares and lore a

  39. Play the most brutal shooter of the year. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is the much-anticipated co-op action shooter from an award-winning team of developers. Pre-order and play now!

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