Top 7 Monster Hunter Games For Android & iOS I Updated -

Top 7 Monster Hunter Games For Android & iOS I Updated

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New Best Monster Hunter Games & similar Action RPGs For Android & iOS 2020 l VinIsHere

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Just an updated video of my previous monster hunter games list!

Many more interesting list coming up! Stay tuned 😉

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Monster Hunter Explore:-English version was removed so for now you can only play the jp version (things are easy to figure out):-

2)Yeager:- Beta got over like a week ago it’s coming soon

3)MHST The Adventure Begins:-
(Need to pay for full version)

4)Rangers Of Oblivion or also known as Errant: Hunter’s Souls:-

5)Dragon Project:-

6)Monster Hunter Riders (JP):-

7)Wild Born:- Cbt Ended Yesterday it’s coming soon

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  1. How about a multiplayer game to play with friends in this quarantine

  2. No clickbaits.. No thumbnail scam.. Recommends games you've never seen..

  3. Just like the monsters themselves, the game installation size is humangous!

  4. is wild born offline the game is epic am craving it

  5. Monster hunter is boring im playing it on my wii

  6. Errant hunter soul …… I kiss tht game but noone play that game.

  7. And all the good ones need to be chinese how amazing😐

  8. I wonder when will Wild Born be released. That piqued my interest the most. Anyway, good video as always. Keep it up!

  9. May i know why i cant play monster hunter explore. Someone help me


  11. Just thought I’d ask to see if I was able to get a answer, but how would I get monster hunter explore if I can’t get it in my region? Would I need to change my region on my Apple ID thing?

  12. Can someone tell me please which is offline and online pleasee reply 😞😢

  13. Where can you keep up with Yeager, wild born, etc? All I can find online about them is yt vids, I can't seem to find Facebook/Twitter/antything for these games so know when they get released

  14. lol some of those games should have some copyright strikes XD

  15. very hype on Yeager causes its doeesnt hv Auto button

  16. 0:50 game just took monster hunter online, monster hunter world, and dauntless then mixed it all in and made it mobile

  17. when almost none of these games are on the app store i already have riders,stories,explore and rangers of oblivian the rest of them are not even on the app store

  18. For those who can't get other country games, get the all called Quoapp

  19. Dragon project doesn't exist anymore but it was great

  20. Holy hell… never knew there were so many MH ripoffs…

  21. That Yeager Game looks great! Any idea on the global release?

  22. I cant download most of these games i cant find on google play

  23. If they could have just made the monster hunter stories to have the same gameplay style as other MH games it would have been the best, anime style monster hunter.. but instead they made it into a turn base game, very disappointed

  24. Rangers of Oblivion one has global chat full of brazillian people, I dont know if I feel bad or good about it tho.

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