Top 7 Monster Hunter Games For Android & iOS I Updated -

Top 7 Monster Hunter Games For Android & iOS I Updated

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New Best Monster Hunter Games & similar Action RPGs For Android & iOS 2020 l VinIsHere

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Just an updated video of my previous monster hunter games list!

Many more interesting list coming up! Stay tuned 😉

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Monster Hunter Explore:-English version was removed so for now you can only play the jp version (things are easy to figure out):-

2)Yeager:- Beta got over like a week ago it’s coming soon

3)MHST The Adventure Begins:-
(Need to pay for full version)

4)Rangers Of Oblivion or also known as Errant: Hunter’s Souls:-

5)Dragon Project:-

6)Monster Hunter Riders (JP):-

7)Wild Born:- Cbt Ended Yesterday it’s coming soon

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  1. Broo
    You make the best videos
    Ur the best

  2. No views but 6 likes
    This is the power of VinIsHere

  3. First view,first comment, first like I give your video

  4. Just a question : Is wildborn has all language option or only for korean?

  5. And plz also make videos on offline zombie games

  6. Can you make a list of games that are similar to Skyrim or Oblivion, please.

  7. Really amazing video you inspired me to start my gaming channel.. I have a few uploads already..would really appreciate if you can check out my channel and tell me what you think..thanks

  8. yeager is like a mixture of dauntless and monster hunter i hope the devs of the game stay safe and finish it i wanna play it sooo bad

  9. Nice video!I would appreciate it very much if you could do a video about best turn base rpg games.Thanks very much in advance.



  11. Yah ofc; all of this games are online . . . would rather prefer the ones in ppsspp tho

  12. After all these years You're still the one i trust at Game lists. Good Job bro!

  13. Download happy chick there's monster hunter world it's even multiplayer and it's the original psp game and also thanks for the games

  14. Once a legend always the legend I have been looking for 1 year for these games

  15. Im already excited for yeager, now vin show me another game called wild born now im more excited than ever.

  16. The last one got my attention. I hope global release soon.

  17. monster hunter = no micro transactions? . Now that its in mobile does it have those?

  18. Does anyone know some games that are played with the screen vertically? For example: Kick Flight, ZYCA, Dragon Project, and this Monsters Hunter from the beginning of the video, I think this type of game is really cool, who knows some names of this style of play, or even other games, tell me, please 😁

  19. Nice games vin you never let me down im glad I subbed to this channel the games here are cool and legit no click baits

  20. ahh games i can't play with my potato phone

  21. Errand Soul Hunter a.k.a Ranger of Oblivion were still the Best Monster Hunter Games on Mobile in English….

  22. *looks at thumbnail
    Me :- probably fake.
    *By Vinishere
    Me:- Nope, 100% real.

  23. You didn't mention that which one game is online or offline in these games. Are all games online?

  24. I like the old version of rangers of oblivion it had better voice acting

  25. Still no progress on dauntless for android

  26. Yeaher and wild born looks same
    But wild born has kinda more action pack moves compare to yeager

  27. There is also god eater online but it is online … bruh

  28. Love the way you lie :")
    Fav song 🙂
    🙏 I love games
    Which me luck with ps5 :3

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