Top 7 Monster Hunter Games For Android & iOS! -

Top 7 Monster Hunter Games For Android & iOS!

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New best monster Hunter & Similar Action Rpg games for Android & iOS l VinIsHere

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Following are the games name & links:-

1)Monster Hunter Explore -English version was removed so for now you can only play the jp version:-

2)Monster Hunter Stories:-
(Need to pay for full version)

3)Monster Hunter Riders (jp):-

4)Rangers Of Oblivion or also known as Errant: Hunter’s Souls:-

5)Dragon Project:-

6)Open World Hunting Tour:- Coming soon:-

7)Project Pk:- coming soon ( developed by Line games & Rocksquare, game is an action rpg monster Hunter style well let us hope game shows atleast a little bit of resemblance as that of trailer )

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  1. Time stamp!!!
    1. 0:14 Monster Hunter Explore / 2.25 GB

    2. 1:07 Monster Hunter Stories / 3GB

    3. 1:56 Monster Hunter Riders / 1.1 GB

    4. 2:47 Rangers of Oblivion / 5.9 GB

    5. 3:46 Dragon Project / 2.2 GB

    6. 4:43 Open World Hunting Tour (Beta Footage) / COMING SOON

    7. 5:35 Project PK / COMING SOON

  2. Open world hunting tour has the best graphics for me. I love that anime shading

  3. Why I can't search the exact name of the "Rangers of Oblivion" ???? There's no such thing on my play store?

  4. Does every mh game on android support controller ?

  5. Monster hunter stories and riders with perfect story line and even anime will remain as best game of all MH games.

  6. I think rangers of oblivion maybe not his game name.. The game look like Errant : Hunter's Soul

  7. They'll close dragon project this september…😭

  8. If you have a Moto G phone with a 6xx Qualcomm processor, be aware Monster Hunter Stories may sound glitchy. This is Moto's fault no the app… Otherwise is a nice game with up to 70hrs of gameplay

  9. Where is monster Hunter explore and riders, can't find them on the play store

  10. I have Monster Hunter Stories(Full paid ver) and also Errant Hunter's Soul

  11. I'll admit that even they're rips, a couple of these look kinda fun to try.

  12. Monster Hunter Stories is the best just love it … finished the game

  13. Rip to monster hunter explore. Only monster hunter stories left

  14. I think only one of the three official app games are still available. I miss Explore.

  15. From the looks of it, best option is to try and emulate PSP ones if your phone is strong enough

  16. sir please put offline or online the gameplay

  17. You can play monster hunter offline in your ppsspp, says Misaka while playing her MHP3rd

  18. You can just play Monster hunter freedom unite on PPSSPP. Surprisingly the online feature still works

  19. Rangers of oblivion just looks like blessed unleashed on mobile lol it's a shame their shutting RoO down

  20. Bro you forgot beast quest a like here if am right👇👇

  21. which one doesn't use the Internet?

  22. how bout monster Hunter rise on switch

  23. MH Riders…
    No god…

  24. Monster hunter stories is the only original and riders

  25. I'm waiting the game open world hunting tour over 1 year and it's available

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