Trae Young's dad had a monster game playing against Kansas | SportsCenter | ESPN -

Trae Young’s dad had a monster game playing against Kansas | SportsCenter | ESPN

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Years before Trae Young became a superstar with the Oklahoma Sooners, his dad, Texas Tech player Rayford Young, dropped 41 points against the Kansas Jayhawks.

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  1. So that’s where he got his looks 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. And that Kansas guard who was a big deal at the time. Bald headed white guy. Forgot his name

  3. Damn time fly. Is crazy how kids born in 2000 are turning 18. Make me feel old as hell and I was born in 89

  4. Nigga wtf is this nigga? Did he even make it to the D League? 😩😂🤣

  5. What ESPN talks about
    Trae Young

  6. I remember watching that. Great game

  7. Who y'all think got more range playin in college lonzo or Trae young? They both shoot DeEp ass 3s way behind the college arc.

  8. Amazing how black men have a baby with black women and they get pushed out of their kids lives. But they have babies with other women and they get to be fathers and 9 times out of 10 the kid with the dad grows up to be very productive and the kid without the dad grows up to shoot the club up. I find this fascinating. Maybe it wasn't black men who were the problem this entire time. Funny

  9. Trae Young’s dad kinda with the tiniest bit looks like Daniel Cormier

  10. yo this shit cool as hell. my son will do the same

  11. Black men are great athletes and fathers !

  12. I went to school with Rayford in Pampa, TX. He was a blast to watch then. If he had been a little taller, he would have been in the NBA, for sure.

  13. I don’t know if the Holy Ghost got in to me 😂😂😂😂

  14. Did he say trae was there ? Fam how? Great story, but saying trae was there is a force bro

  15. Tell me i wasnt the only one who thought his dad had an einstein type of hair going on in the beginning of the video

  16. Damn.. He finessed that Euro 0:42 before it was mainstream. The dudes who were never stars Make the best Ballers

  17. The fact that he has more hair than his son is shocking

  18. Father and Son have a similar game. Trae obviously has the Holy ghost in him as well

  19. Put respek on his name and call him by his actual name not “Trae Young’s Dad”

  20. Did Kansas have any NBA players in that team?

  21. He definitely taught his son his shooting form.. he has better form than (Trae) what makes Trae"s form better is his ability to shoot it (% wise) off the dribble.. much like steph curry plus the crazy handles (almost uncontested shot because of the seperation) which makes steph ang Trae (hopefully) different from other highly touted college shooters (Jimmer, JJ Redick, RG Hunter et al.)

  22. Vince Carter is literally older than his teammate's dad.

  23. You passed some good genes to your son man.


  25. I remember I was in middle school I am a big red raiders fan and I remember this game too bad Trae didn't follow in his dad's footsteps but his dad was a monster ready to see what Culver can do in Minnesota now that Wiggins is gone he should get his now

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