ULTIMATE SURVIVAL SCP Like Game where YOU BECOME THE MONSTER | Metamorphosis Gameplay - godsandmonstersgame.com

ULTIMATE SURVIVAL SCP Like Game where YOU BECOME THE MONSTER | Metamorphosis Gameplay

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ULTIMATE SURVIVAL SCP Like Game where YOU BECOME THE MONSTER | Metamorphosis Gameplay

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  1. I like how they also incorporated elements of "The Trial" as a background plot

  2. wait isn't fall damage irrelevant the smaller you become

  3. Rocket League: Like working at the FBI but you become the car they drive.

  4. me: clicks on a video about the game called metamorphosis
    the metamorphosis ad: showtime

  5. Imagine being turned into a bug, and then you're the useless kind of bug that can't even climb on walls.

  6. looks at tital thats not survival thats murder for fun

  7. Crawling around on bottles of quick death lol

  8. looks good but czech l. have ě š č ř ž ý á í é too 😀 like : ředitel and povinost no povinnost 😀

  9. This game is actually based off an old book by a Japanese author named Haruki Murakami

  10. Well the game does have the same title as Kafka's Metamorphosis I have yet to read

  11. I've never read it but the second I saw that it's called into metamorphosis and the bug bits, I knew it had to do with Kafka.

  12. I have no idea how this is a survival game or remotely like SCP, or even how you're a monster, but this does look exciting, and the idea of someone making a game based on Kafka's Metamorphosis is weird enough on it's own.

  13. After doing an IA on Kafka, I cannot look at this and breathe properly.

  14. Is that fucking araxxor in the thumbnail 🤣

  15. So did you ever continue playing this game… I feel invested in the story now and I want to know more… I also don't want to buy the game myself though. Let me live vicariously through your experiences!!

  16. Lol. Moment he sees an israeli newspaper. We must be in 1930's europe somewhere lol.

  17. The character's voice when he's turning into a bug is so off-putting. Like, it's cool but, it creeps me out, lol.

  18. uhm… bugs cant really die from falling… they dont have enough mass

  19. Will there be a second episode it has been 2 months 🙁

  20. Really nice; a lot of story in the environment

  21. Als Gregor Samsa eines Morgens aus unruhigen Träumen erwachte, fand er
    sich in seinem Bett zu einem ungeheueren Ungeziefer verwandelt. Franz Kafka 1915.

  22. Please another video, this game is so cool

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    11101111 11011100 11011111 11001010 10100001 11011001 00110000 10111000
    11101110 11011100 11000111 11100010 11011011 00110001 10111010 00101011
    11011100 10110100 00010001 11111000 11101111 11000000 10111000 10111000
    11001001 10111010 10100111 11111000 11011111 10100101 11011100 11001001
    00100010 11011011 10101000 11111000 00100010 10110110 10111010 00100010
    10111010 00100010 01001000 11011010 10110110 11111000 11110100 11100111
    00011110 00100010 00111101

  24. If that game is called Metamorphosis, then you should know what it is about, Franz Kafka Die Metamorphose

  25. josef k. is persona from another kafka book. book – process

  26. "look at all the detail" speeds past literally everything

  27. "I don't think i can make that jump…" he says while crawling sideways on the wall 😀

  28. Hearing the game is called metamorphosis
    Me: The 6 digits numbers D:

  29. No one notice after 1 minute into the game there is a newspaper with the haedline in Hebrew which means "nah blayt"

  30. Anyone get nostalgia hits from de_rats

  31. 3min in, and you as a bug die when you fall from a great height, wait i'm sorry when does an insect die from trowing it…

  32. This guy never seems to link to games in his vid description.
    Bad form.

  33. less of an scp game. more of a kafkaesque story

  34. being reminded of an old kids series called Animorphs

    the actual gameplay: Literally a fucking cockroach

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