Upgrading *NEW* Dragons TOO FAR In Monster Catch Run! - godsandmonstersgame.com

Upgrading *NEW* Dragons TOO FAR In Monster Catch Run!

Kindly Keyin
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Upgrading *NEW* Dragons TOO FAR In Monster Catch Run!
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  1. I started watching you at 2018 and your the best YouTube ever I stared playing some games after you:) can I have a shoutout

  2. Me: scrolls on the play store. Also me: sees find the alien and thinks of kindly keyin

  3. Call toyrus is not a real dinosaur he actually is because I am a mess with dinosaurs😎😎😎,,,

  4. No carnotaurus is actually a dinosaur name so is apatasaurus but tarchia I've never heard of it

  5. the dinos are the same its just that they have grown

  6. You think you’ve been playing that game so much I’ve been because I’m on 383 level

  7. Roses are red violets are blue Keyin never fails to entertain you!

  8. Is it dye LOFF osaurus, or is it dye LOAF osaurus

  9. The game: Bagon.

  10. I've watched you since….
    Since 2018? I think?

  11. 😂 you are so silly
    Also you also you were talking very loud 🎉

  12. I cannot belive that the turquoise dragon has my name in it😂😂😂

  13. all of the names are correct but some you say wrong

  14. Better than you now my level is 291

  15. There was a Naruto skin on rare skins

  16. How many gallons are you cool it’s called Diddy Malik and really the sources raised wrong and recording to find the golden T-Rex is a really really not real right for saurus

  17. I am a boy and I’ve been watching him. He can’t ever since he reached 1000 subscribers. 0:21

  18. Keep up your good work you’re doing a really good job 👍

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