Victor Wembanyama Drops MONSTER DOUBLE-DOUBLE - 36 PTS & 11 REB 👀 -

Victor Wembanyama Drops MONSTER DOUBLE-DOUBLE – 36 PTS & 11 REB 👀

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  1. He's Kobe, Lebron, AD, Curry, and Hakeem in one. It's over. He will be the greatest player ever.

  2. WoW this kid is raw……..he plays exactly like kevin durant

  3. wemby needs to put some meat on those bones before he gets drafted

  4. Omg. A phenom. Mvp at least 3 times for sure. 1 or 2 rings

  5. Victor Wembanyama is prone to injuries due to him being tall and skinny. He should add some weight.

  6. He is one of those guys who are Miracle Grow for breakfast

  7. Only an injury will ever stop this indomitable force. Hope Wem enjoys a long healthy pro career

  8. He is so overrated before even getting to the NBA

  9. Whichever team gets him needs to hire a 5’ tall guy — whose entire job is walking in front of him and protecting his dick from IG hoes…and Larsa Pippen.

    He’s going to have so much puzzy thrown at him — at only 19 years old, an experienced gold digger might put it on him too good and fuck his focus all up. 😂

  10. Is anyone being physical with this dude?

  11. If he stays healthy he will break the nba. He’s literally somebody I would create on 2k in real life it’s crazy.

  12. Fun fact: the last four letters of his surname Yama means mountain in Japanese, how fitting!!!

  13. He’s going to need to fill out a little

  14. Spurs doing the Birdman hand rub right now lol.

  15. what do we see, what kind of player is he if he gets stronger in his hands with weights and etc. now you won't be able to mark him so stupid and he makes 3-pointers for fun as if he is a garth does anyone know in the game NBAk23 how can we get him if he knows can someone answer?

  16. he will be the GOAT. No doubts. Nothing like this was ever seen in a basketball court.

  17. Got a hakeem turnaround and defense. Basically hakeem with a longer range

  18. Why would people doubt him? He plays with the facing the basket style which NBA players would be guarding him the same way. He will not be stopped in NBA too. Let's just wish injury god doesn't touch this kid.

  19. Wembayama new NBA 1st round draft pick has the making of an unstoppable basketball player a very talented and skilled player at 7'2" he is as tall as Kareem Abdul Jabbar but he is more mobile able to handle the ball like a small forward position, able to penetrate inside the basket with ease with lots of moves. I think he should practice in his shooting skills and be a touch and shoot player like Kevin Durant and he will be the go to guy as a Franchise player of any ball club who can afford his game.

  20. i'm not believe in this guy. That's just strong in the news

  21. How in the world do you guard that Jumper?! this kid is going to be a Menace in the League.

  22. You can even tell that homie is playing for fun ain’t even trying

  23. Mans is playing a high school game on nba 2k irl

  24. He plays like a mashup to Tracy McGrady and Dirk Nowitzki. My gosh.

  25. Let's see him play a full NBA season before we crown him thanks . # Andrew Bennett LMAO 🤣😂

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