Video Game Monster Size Comparison -

Video Game Monster Size Comparison

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Which game monster is the largest of all?? Well, if you wanna know then keep watching this video till the end. Today we at Factholic will be identifying some of these monsters from videogames, and compare their sizes starting from the smallest ones like Cutiefly from Pokemon to the largest ones such as Kronos from God of War!

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  1. man kid icarus uprising aint getting love yet again both Hades and Medusa are 100 metres tall.

  2. @®©™¿¢£€¥ {<>¦]^~¿[;


  3. U forgot the titans from ark survival evolved

  4. Where the hell is lord on mobile legends?

  5. nemesis is taller than shaq, c'mon… didn't sound right

  6. Wait a minute, Metal Ball Studios did this exact lineup, or at least, most of them.

  7. Okay, I get that you can't include characters out of every game, but sheesh, this list is pathetic. How can you talk about smallest characters without mentioning Pikmin? The Metroid series has some good size enemies. No mention of a single enemy out of EDF, a series that has nothing but enemies that absolutely dwarf the player?!? As far as some of the largest enemies, I'm pretty sure the final boss of Wonderful 101 would be towards the top. You literally have to use the Earth as a weapon against him.

  8. thinkin of it now, I would beat the shit out of pyramid head

  9. There's no point in having a grid in the background if it's not even a scale

  10. How about Aurelion Sol in League of Legends? He is a size of a Galaxy.

  11. I live in fear knowing that wailord is bigger than pickle joe

  12. 5ft 9 Big Daddy, more like average daddy lol 😆

  13. I refuse to believe Charizard is only 5 feet, in the anime the dudes like, 7-8 feet

  14. You completely ignored the biggest bosses in KH franchise, yet proceeds to add way smaller bosses from FF ,-,

  15. Behemoth and deathclaw from fallout new vegas and fallout 3 are my favorite video game monsters

  16. The largest one that I think we technically get to see on a scale that's perceivable is the Brethren Moon. Asura's Wrath does a pretty good job but an enemy that spans multiple light years is imperceivable. Now the moon growing tentacles and slowly advancing towards Earth, that's horrifying. Gongen it's perceivable but there's only one of that dude.

  17. What about Sargeras, there's a post on reddit of a guy who has extimated his height to be about 9700 km and would make him about 7.5x larger than Wyzen. Although in the video is said that Wyzen is about 1300 km tall, forums and reddit threads say otherwise, exitmating his size to be about 12800 km tall, which would indeed make him the largest of the two.

  18. Yes that is what wailord looks like😵

  19. I think your Gongen Wyzen height is too small by a factor of 10

  20. How many fucking ads do you need?

  21. Where is Ganon he could be counted as a monster his humanoid form is just as tall as Bowser while his largest incarnation is roughly as big as Deathwing maybe slightly bigger or smaller.

  22. that headcrab isn't even an official model from any of the half-life games

  23. why did you not put in gorgara she prety big for fallen order, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Sargeris (dont how to spell it, its the guy who stabs azeroth for bfa to start from world of warcraft) is bigger than the last fat dude with a huge shoulder pad

  25. The last giant from DS2 is much larger than 4.2m

  26. Nice ripoff of meta ball studios video

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