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(Video game) MONSTERS Size COMPARISON 👹 3D Animation

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Comparison of some monsters of video games.
They are not all. For various reasons (time, information or technical complications) it is impossible to put everyone. I have tried to make the best selection.
I hope you understand the difficulty of creating such a video.
Thanks and enjoy!

This symbol (~). It means approximate. It means that there is no official information and I have measured it as faithfully as possible.




Cut It – Silent Partner
By the Sword – Ethan Meixsell

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  1. how could you put the sea dragon in this video but not the sea emperor? very disappointed with this error metaball

  2. Nautilus shouldnbe bigger but otherwise amazing vide alsonwhere mega gnar

  3. A little disappointed that the Bretheren Moons are the only representative of Dead Space here.

  4. Never knew the ender dragon was that fucking big

  5. And yet, I don’t see the Ancient Abyss from Star Ware the Force Unleashed. That thing was pretty sizable

  6. Sea dragon: YAY IM AT THIS V-
    Frozen Leviathan: what about me-

  7. That is the kill-me-please version of Trico. Poor thing!

  8. So you specify Arkham Asylum for Killer Croc, but not Resident Evil 3 for Nemesis?

  9. Bro those apothancan giants at revalations were just huge dude bi3 zombies btw

  10. Necrogiant was suppose to be over 30 times as big as a human. I rly do not know how small you are.

  11. there are a lot of leviathans, behemots, titans, and goliaths, i guess these names really sound good for giant monsters

  12. The little red haired girl from across the street says:

    Bear in mind that a wailord, which as shown in the video is the size of a long haul truck, can canonically fuck a skitty, which is house cat

  13. I wanted to see a Divine Dragon(The Legend of Dragoon) and Ultima(or Omega) Weapon(Final Fantasy VIII).

  14. I was totally expecting to see Sin from Final Fantasy 10 in here, still really good though

  15. As an American, these heights mean nothing to me.

  16. Sackboy would kick all their asses anyway

  17. Where is the gargantuan leviathan form SUBNAUTICA?

  18. Dude deathclaws are nowhere near that big

  19. Dark side the one that is with terranort in kingdom hearts

  20. You forgot to add the other half life monsters

  21. am i the only one that cares about the headcrab?

  22. Are Death Claws really that big? Holy crap if they are.

  23. I love this but I'm wondering "Where's Super Meat Boy?"

  24. HOw To MaKe ANimAl:
    TaKE SoME aNIMal And put MOre boDY pART

    BIg 100 timEs BIggEr

    CAlL It BEHomOtH BecAUsE yEs

    NoW U Have MOnsTEr

  25. Wait a creeper is as tall as pyramid head? 👀

  26. What we’ve learned today is that “leviathan” is the go to name for anything big and ugly

  27. Glad ya didn't neglect ma bois Gaius and Phalanx.

  28. I would like to inform you there are godzilla video games, therefore you missed like every Toho kaiju

  29. Behemoth (infamous) seems a little bigger than ender dragon…

  30. You remade gears of war riftworm helicopter scene. Only for this, I subscribed

  31. Oof, there's no Kaiju from the 2014 GODZILLA game

  32. I clarify that the Deathclaw has an error. It does not measure 6 (20ft) meters, but 3 (10ft). Sorry for this failure.

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