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WAIT.. Remember That Horror Game Where the Monster Hears Everything You Say?

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We Played In Silence on a NEW MAP and We Regret Everything
Welcome back to In Silence! In Silence is that game where a monster has hyper-sensitive hearing and will eat you and your friends. It got updated. Now it’s cold outside. Let’s play In Silence!


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About In Silence:
In Silence is a multiplayer horror game. One player takes on the role of the monster who has hypersensitive hearing abilities and is almost completely blind. The other players(2-6) play as survivors, trying to escape or hunting the monster.


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  1. These guys all talk way too much for this game 😂

  2. Your screams jumpscare me more than the monster. Jeez.

  3. Two hours past my bedtime, may as well watch something to calm my nerves.

  4. thanks IGP for following my discord request! this made my day!

  5. The most fitting ending for this bunch: Indy and Drae kill the monster, while Icy screams, "I DIIIIIIED!!" 🤣🤣🤣

  6. This is the game I actually found you guys on. This is gonna be good 🙂

  7. the monster is the definition of talk shit get hit

  8. Honestly wait for ur Vids bro 💯🙌🏽

  9. Meh…this game was cool to watch once or twice…not anymore. The only thing that saves it, is playing with icy and drae. Great times when you 3 are together 😁

  10. This guy needs to play fnaf help wanted on vr! IGP if you are reading this then definitely consider it, it's a really good game!

  11. I literally watched the older video on this yesterday…is this fate or cursed???

  12. Icy is a gift… to us. A curse to you.

  13. I’ve been waiting so long for another video of this! LETS GOOO!

  14. Plss play Midnight:Submersion Nightmare I recommend it

  15. First off I rewatch this game being played by them and I swear it almost never gets old, that screech of terror as u step over the threshold only to step upon a squeaky toy, priceless, icy jumping as a rat and almost killing drae, haha idk man I love this

  16. I am SO glad you three came back to this game. It's how I discovered all three of your channels! You are all too damn funny.

  17. its so unfair that you dont get the views you deserve 🙁

  18. You guys in co-op games are absolutely FANTASTIC! You have this… How do I describe it? It's a discordant synergy that makes it so fun to watch you. This is coming from someone who usually doesn't like Let's Plays. Thank you for putting yourselves through the near-heart attacks to bring us the greatest content!

    Also, best line: "You mother son of a jackal!" -Icy

  19. When IGP I think I shit my self that got me crying The way he said it got me in tears

  20. Icy's sheer inability to keep his bloody voice down.. I love the guy, but I don't think I'd have any choice besides leaving him to the monster 😂

  21. Yo you should definitely play dying light !

  22. Icey: guys shut the fuk up
    Also icey: screams on top of his lungs and blames the others

  23. It's nice to wake up after a nap from having a bad day to a video with IGP, Icy, and Drae.

  24. This is probably one of the worst stream/youtube games ever made. Either it's played competitively (in relative silence) or you have a bunch of Youtubers/Streamers playing as badly as humanly possible by constantly talking and screaming and mugging for the camera, resulting in either a) the monster killing them in under two minutes or b) the monster, also a streamer, not even remotely trying.

    Incredibly, incredibly frustrating to watch.

  25. I love how all they need to do is be quite. Yet it's an impossible task.

  26. for people who basically play horror games as a job, they sure do scream a LOT.

  27. Love your group of friends igp both of your friends are so fun to watch.

  28. Big oof! 30s in and ICY’s already turned into a puddle of EMOTIONAL DAMAGE! Very unlucky, lol

  29. 11:01 I swear im not a sadist but icy dying the background is so on point for his character

  30. Nice i loved this series!! glad you come back to this

  31. This game is the embodiment of "everything is 100% funnier when you're supposed to be quiet"

  32. Only this dude have that much great vid ideas, whitch is cool. Nice one, keep grinding!!

  33. I may be late as hell mentioning this but does anyone remember folklore hunter Idk if theirs been a major update but id love to see more with the new area

  34. Yes I was wondering when you guys were gonna play this game again now I'm wondering when you three are gonna play more of The ISLE with dondy

  35. Guys i don't know if my eyes deceive me but the characters looks like mully without a beard that is wearing glasses 🤣

  36. Remember when we thought we would get a stranded deep series 😭😕

  37. Wouldn't be IGP without some form of squabbling xDD

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