Weird Doll Monster In A Gas Mask From Poppy Playtime Game -

Weird Doll Monster In A Gas Mask From Poppy Playtime Game

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Hi everyone! Today you will find yourself in the scariest horror movie ever! Because we are going to make a truly creepy craft! Goosebumps are guaranteed!

It will be a fantastic monster, looking at which you will already be scared … So, for starters, we will take the skull and cover it with doll parts. We will glue doll heads, arms, and hair on the entire skull surface. Then we will construct the body of our monster from the doll’s body but add some creepy legs like a spider has. Don’t forget to add colors to our craft. After all, colors and shades play a significant role here! And the final step will be a terrifying mask. We will not say anything more. It is better to see it once! So, enjoy watching!

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  3. The blue eye and the green eye more like pick patch

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  6. Bro you’re dressed up as Chucky it’s not that weird doll monster

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  8. That thing or whatever it is looks ugly as heck and f*ck

  9. oau isso e inquiveo mais vc comsege faver a renata que vc comsigi eu vo me escrever e da lake.🤨🤔🤥❓

  10. Chucky make gas mask poppy playtime 😘😘😘

  11. Hizo la máscara de poppy playtime capitulo 3

  12. Hlo bro first to comment plz give pin

  13. Best channel
    5 minute crafts
    Sorry 5 year craft

  14. apakah mainan itu mau di jadi kan kelihatan menyeram kan tertawa terbahak-bahak

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  17. Что это за клей такой???
    Пшикаешь и всё 😮

  18. О какая милая утка художница!😍Поделка супер!🤩😊

  19. It’s so creepy and really really cool 👍

  20. its very creepy and awesome😍😍😍😍

  21. พิธิวัต กาศวิบูรณ์ says:


  22. I didn’t know that’s what that new monster toy looked like. Very creepy and very nightmare fuel. Love your crafts! Sid from Toy Story would be proud of this one! 😂

  23. A mask with a lot of faces on it is awesome. It's creepy and cool af. The view from far distance is different with the view when you zoon in. it's misterious and creepy, respectively!

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