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What Makes A Great Monster Design?

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Let’s talk about what makes a great monster design. It’s harder than it might seem.

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  1. Best monster design is Prey 2017 mimcs.

    They are alien/unknown origin, but commonly infest humans. They are stupidly easy to draw compared to any other monster, yet their varying shapes allow for more artistic freedom to get wild if you want. Perfect for animation, perfect combination of body horror, fear of dark, fear of spiders and cosmic horror.

  2. the thing is, horror aint about jumpscares. it's about the psychological or visual horror you witness. in most cases, you'd have, 'red is for blood', instead of something normal. these are expected. if you want an old vhs tape, you better make it like that.

    you don't want it to be repetitive like uncanny smiles. that happens too often.

  3. HR Geiger designed the XENOMORPH. No one in the (1970's) had ever seen a monster like the Xenomorph, people walked out of the premiere because they were sooooooooooooooo horrified by the entire film. SO I wonder what HR Geiger would think about your monster video?

  4. Bro just look in the mirror, works every time.

  5. the monster is only so good as the story behind it… without context we end up with Jumpscare strategy movies…

  6. This video is relatively good but the way he speaks about stuff comes off as really aragont he never says 'in my opinion' or 'I think/find' it's always 'humanoid monsters ARE the best' or 'good monsters ARE twisted humans' and act like he is the consensus on what can be called a monster 'if its an alien its not a monster' that's not for you to deside especially when 'monster' is basically just a term for something unfamiliar and scary, though he does bring up less human monsters at the end but idk it it just comes off as very arrogant to start a video and almost immediately say various genres don't have good monsters what about lovecraftian horror that can't have good monsters because they're not relatable or are aliens it's just irritating for me I guess.

  7. “Make the horror character as human as possible,” Me that made all these wacky weird creatures that barely resemble human: 😳

  8. i dead a$$ thought yo intro was a weird tic tak ad.

  9. 28:14 when he’s talking about the eyes, I think the human retainment that could be a feature or something familiar would’ve been blown up pupils. Like a cat or something, depends if you wanted to keep the sclera in there. I think the irises also keeping the human feature of having intricate streaks would’ve been good. Something I’ve learned on my own that makes things unnerving is removing reflection from eyes in what would normally be a good photo with eye contact. Like it’s human, but just barely crosses it, like uncanny valley

  10. In my opinion, I feel like the best ones. Are The ones you don't Fully show only glimpses Or peaks or even Have it constantly be in the dark. Leave it up to the viewers, Imagination I feel like that would make it 10 times scary Like one of my fears is hearing something running but not being able to see what's running at me. You can have something like that.

  11. not all monsters are supposed to look human.

  12. the setting should be a lab or an underground bunker

  13. berserk 100% has amazing and unique monster/"demon" designs

  14. I have been watching a few of these videos to design a group of Austrian soldiers that in 1916, ate slain Italian soldiers out of desperation. The transformation they went through is my take on how the wendigo would effect a person not from a polar area, where the skin is all frost bitten black, their helmets are frozen to their heads, pieces of soft flesh (like ears, noses, and lips are chipped and broken) the men’s teeth have been chipped to a point and, the most unsettling of all (imo) is the spirit of the Wendigo burning through their eyes making them faintly glow white. I’ve made a picture of them where its essentially just the Dark watchers in Stalhelms and holding rifles.

  15. Some interesting and grotesque monsters I’ve seen are from the game called THE EVIL WITHIN for example a iconic monster from the game called the keeper looks like a butcher but with a safe on its head and when it dies it’s whole body re emerges out of a different safe

  16. one of my favorite humanoid design for a "horror" enemy are the dollotrons from batman arkham knight

  17. In my sci-fi novel I have a Chimera who is part human and part beast. Though monstrous he is revealed in the story to be more human and less monstrous than his transhuman creators. So it is important to give the monster a personality and a back history so that the reader can empathize with them. Frankenstein did this well. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The best and scariest werewolves are the likable guy that you are made to really care about and can identify with that you eventually find out is actually the werewolf.

  18. I know this is a late reply, but here is what I did (just want feedback):
    I am creating a fictional country named Lameaga. Lameagans practice a religion named Creolism, which is polytheistic. The god of fear, Temo, has complete control over phobias and what a person fears most. I had a nightmare of a monster-like figure, which eventually became one of many Temo’s “mortal” forms. It was difficult to draw, since I don’t remember the dream very well. Here’s what I drew to my best detail (Keep in mind that Temo’s forms are designed to strike fear, not to actually attack. It’s mostly bluff):
    – Tall and lanky, its body was pale (close to white).
    – Its neck was jointed, similar to an elbow. Whenever idle, it would hunch backwards like a tree branch.
    – It didn’t have a nose or ears, only having holes in its respective positions.
    – Its eye sockets were connected, but instead of eyes, it acted and looked like a single mouth.
    – Its mouth was toothless, being loosely connected on its sides with string-like flesh. Inside was its only eye.
    – It had four arms, two arms on each side of its body. Its top two arms had 2 elbows and would grip its head. Its bottom two would have 3 joints and extend to the floor.
    – It had a narrow and small torso. Its stomach was caved in, and you could see where its bones were.
    – Its two tall legs would look like the hind legs of a dog.

  19. The last one looks like a creeper from Minecraft but with a tongue

  20. You should check out the "Sarcastic Fringehead." It has the split upper jaw you are lookiing for, and can open its mouth wide enough to swallow a fish larger than it.

  21. Tell me if this is a good monster idea. Monster:depth hunter. The depth hunter is a creature that throughout you will hear whimpering but when spotted it becomes a pyromaniac of rage and aggression and every once and a while you will here it say small sayings like “I’m sorry” or “look what I’ve become” and this is because this monster was a father who wasn’t there for his kids and before he could even meet them he started getting experimented on and you figure out that you are the scientist who did it to him and that’s why he’s trying to kill you.

  22. If you want a quicker tutorial and easy one watch Dylan qyuiloys tutorials

  23. This video honestly helped out a lot👍

  24. 19:06 i am not a doctor but in nose there is only the hyaline membranes
    I might write the name wrong

  25. Nice work I design monsters check my YouTube channel out..Nice work.

  26. Amazing!! I have a natural talent of making my art like this without trying!

  27. My man straight up said the giant cock roach was a fish😂 then he draws a creature from resident evil like dude I'm sorry but ur hilarious 😂

  28. to unsware your question mexican. cartel executions – Flaying. not something I d recomend to watch but if you making a horror game you need to be a lil fucked on the head. and those videos help with that

  29. I draw scary characters every once in a while as a hobby and to clear my head, and your videos are very inspiring.
    Also for inspiration in terms of stretched skins and interesting gothic creatures, you can check out Clive Barker's "Tortured Souls" line of action figures. Some of them are truly disturbing figures.

    The movie "The Thing" has the most disgusting creature/monster description in my opinion. It has humanoid elements, but completely unclear what it is. A strange, fickle entity. A pile of flesh and bones, some bones are constantly breaking and coming back together, mouths and teeth are coming out here and there. It really lives up to its name lol

  30. 1:06 I was sincerely hoping you would make this observation and run in the opposite direction.

  31. Can u pls make a vid like this but its like 60s/70s suitmation monsters that act like superheros but they look like reptiles and dinosaurs

  32. Bro I need something like this for lovecraftian or cosmic horror creatures because I'm pretty sure that horror is the exact opposite of monster horror lmaoo

  33. Also for Monster there mostly Body Horror (like a Monster that once a Human and then it’s transformed into the most painful and disturbing way, like image a werewolf transformation but instead it goes like you normally think a Werewolf Transformation you see The Wolf’s Head coming out from The Back or The Stomach)

  34. The Split Jaw was also in Ben 10 (Ben got an Alien called Blitzwolfer or in The OG Ben Cartoon it was called as Ben Wolf and he have abilities to split it’s mouth in half like a Flower and blast out a green beam)

  35. I think it would be interesting to explore more in f a plant or fungi direction similar to the last of us or other things.

  36. All these monsters design's all look the same.

  37. Lol you said a Goblin Shark looked like "kind of a loser".

  38. The tip of the nose is made of two pieces of cartilage that interlock in the middle where you see that little dimple, the flaps around the nostrils are just fatty tissue. Try drawing the full form of the nose and cutting off the flaps, if you colour the tip like cartilage it works much better

  39. when i make a monster, i want to leave almost all of it up to interpretation. I want my reader to see what they find scary when a monster is introduced. I always think of my monsters as just a dark, tall, featureless humanoid shadow. pretty simple, pretty cliche. but the simplicity is whay makes it scary for me personally.
    i want my monsters to make my readers mind race, go to different places of what it might look like, come up with their own conclusions that scare them personally

  40. 5:58 in case you don't know, that was actually a demon. Doom 3 is the first reboot to the doom franchise and it reimagined from being an action shooter to a horror gams shooter. That one demon is called hell knight, the toughest demon in the game, that thing is a times bigger than thanos and can throw blue projectile that creates a tiny explosion on impact. I was having a hard time beating this guy the first time I encounter him. There was a big gun that is strong enough to instantly kill them but it's kinda of a long story short of why I didn't have that kind of weapon yet while in the game.

  41. Great monster design=> >10 arts on rule34 for unpopular series and >100 for popular ones.

  42. Also, the conjuring universe sucks, it's just a bunch of jumpscares every 30 seconds

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