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When a Game has “too much” Content

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  1. Nah, the new assassin's creed games arebig but just wasnt fun. Ihad 90 hours in valhalla and just gave up it was bloated. I had 200 plus hours in world and i love every moment of it

  2. GW2 is the epitome of too much content. So much content that there isn't people available for some content.

  3. Only time a game has too much content is when the content is boring or frustrating to get through.

  4. Wait, how do you play it on pc. I can’t find any reliable roms that don’t give me a million viruses

  5. Stop trying to win the game. Just enjoy what you have, and appreciate the room for exploration 🤷‍♂️

  6. You admitting it took you 11 hours to beat the game with god mode cheats really gave me perspective on how long ive been playing this game-

  7. @10:26 ah yes turn your cheats off and fight deviants at G1 with HR gear. I am sure nothing will go wrong LOL

  8. This game was just fun rise just felt too nothing compared to mh double cross

  9. you mean when a game repeats too much content MHrise and MHworld ! mhGU surpprised me at how well it was put together and structured and more immersive then the other 2 titles!

  10. GU was amazing. 500hrs easy and I enjoyed it so much

  11. What I wish a gimmick that carried over to other games from GU was the hunting styles. It really allowed to personalize the way you fight with your weapon.

  12. Imo a game only has "too much content" if the game is long and all/most of the content is mandatory. Like Persona 5, Assassin's Creed Origins and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. It took me over 100hrs to finish P5. AC Odyssey and Origins have "side quests" that are basically mandatory because of level gating and the way xp is gained.
    11hrs is not too much. I put over 300hrs into Monster Hunter World and never even finished it. There's 2 raid style bosses I didn't get to beat.

  13. it is almost to a point where i feel Capcom can actually make this one into a legitimate MMO. They kind of tried with World which received a booming success. Rise was also a success, but that was more gameplay than anything.

  14. GU had too many quests. Making any Deviant Armor set is a chore. The Hayabusa Feather requires most village quests. Some gathering quests are a pain to do (and are either part of the Hayabusa Feather unlock or needed for food ingredients) then there's those horrendous kill 30-50 small insect quests.

    Even with a guide, GU is a pain through progress. I love the game, but if I ever lose my save file, I'm never touching the game ever again.

  15. I felt a lot of this issue in the endgame of Sunbreak. There’re just soooo many quest of just fighting and fighting and fighting the same monster you already face before but with tuned up stats just to give a false sense of difficulty that the game otherwise lacks, that it really made me dislike the game despite the incredible combat.

    (The fact that I played on the switch (a console that with which stick drift my hatred for it increases) probably didn’t do any favors for the game)

  16. MHGU is my personal favorite out of the series, I love the monster variety and gameplay gimmicks. MHWI was fantastic as well but the conceptual realism MHWI added to the game and armour/weapon designs felt boring to me when compared to MHGU. MHRS doesn't "feel" as good as MHGU does to me though so i usually stick to MHGU on on my Switch. MHGU has remained the most satisfying game in the series to me up to this point and I regularly hop onto my switch to play it when I need a Monster Hunter fix.

  17. Capcom need to get off their butts and port Monster hunter generation ultimate to the Xbox series X and Ps5 as humanly fast as they can.

  18. GU is the only MH game I never bothered completing all quests.
    Not because it's too many, but too grindy.
    Special Permit quests, there are 228 of them, however there count only for the host, like Urgent Quests.
    In other words, to complete deviants in a group of 4, you'd need to complete 912 quests.
    And chances are, you might play with more than 3 people.
    So completing those quests became an Impossible task for me & my friends. We love MH, but we also play other games & have a work irl.
    We gave up on that rather quickly, especially because some of us allready played Gen on 3DS, & XX, because we didnt believe it would come out after Worlds announcemet.
    So by the time GU came out we were also a bit burned out by that particular game. And completing 912 quests, which are repetative af, wasn't really our idea of a fun time.

  19. 5:215:26 points to the Subspecies and the rest of the Rare Species and Variants is it? no mate, it's not. not in my eyes.

    8:408:48 tbh, i want to go back to that, but with Rise's mechanic of placing a mark that says "this is a Key quest".
    speaking of Rise, i didn't exactly like how you needed, say, 2 Key quests out of 4 to unlock the Urgent quest.

    10:12 T-REX?! i'm sorry, but i take it very seriously when describing something, or when i have something described to.
    Barroth does not resemble a T-Rex in ANY capacity (nor does Anjanath, while i'm at it).

    10:51 but it does feel… a tad empty, to me.
    going back to my first point, that's the game's Ultimate flaw (not sorry) – imo, at least.

  20. You beat the most complete monster hunter game that has ever been made, even including content we never got in the west, and it ONLY took you 11 hours!? Cheats or no cheats, that’s the equivalent of picking up a new game, playing it for maybe a week off and on, realizing you don’t really enjoy it, and put it away to collect dust probably for good. Honestly, “having too much content” has never been a complaint I’ve ever heard of in my life time. I’ve gotten burnt out on games that have “too much content” and still never thought it was a problem, just an opportunity to come back and still find something new. Beyond that, isn’t this technically the best simulation of being in the monster hunter world? They don’t have a check list of the monster needing hunting because they don’t know everything that’s out there. Bet or newb, you might be familiar with the roster, but you most likely won’t know everything you bump into. So you get that “What the hell is that!?” a lot more than a game with “less content”. I dunno, just sounds like you were complaining about one of the best monster hunter games Capcom put out. Maybe I’m wrong, dunno, gonna go hunt a KutKu fire chicken. They’re funny.
    (Ps: I’ve heard more people complain that games are released incomplete just so companies can make money selling DLC. This might’ve been the first AAA game in a while that released with this level of completion)

  21. The game took me over 2 years to beat, although most of that was waiting for Capcom to release GU overseas.

  22. The one punch reference on the save name was very classy

  23. MHGU is my favorite MH game next to MH3U. It’s disappointing how people ignore the village side quests also dismiss the Palico and think there weak. Monster Hunter used to have content but Capcom ruined everything with title updates.

  24. When I fell out of love with GU, I was really confused, since I started out truly exited for the biggest dose of Monster Hunter possible. I loved the thing, so why did I find it so hard to enjay simply More of that thing?
    Your video really helped me articulate what gave me troubles for so long 🙏🏻 that "unlockung a new guy to fight"- part really hit the nail on the head for me
    But you also made me appreciate the good times i had with the game, even if they were shorter than expected 🤍

  25. Monster Hunter GU quickly became my favorite game in the series, because it's the only game I've ever played to fulfill my dream of feeling like I'm playing a single-player MMO. There is SO MUCH FUCKING CONTENT DUDE, but you can complete it all on your own, OR WITH OTHERS IF YOU WANT(but you don't have to). For a person like me It's heaven in videogame form, but I can imagine that for many it's literal hell. Not to mention it having my favorite combat system in the series, my GOD hunter arts and styles add so much replay value and different ways of using your favorite weapons to suit whatever need you could have.

  26. Technically Deviants have been seen again in Monster Hunter Stories 2 (excellent game, btw), but I can understand why people wouldn’t count those appearances

  27. I love when a game has "too much content"
    And MHU definitely is one of my favorite MH games, especially for this reason.

  28. fighting the same monster … in the same area … with the same weapons … doing the same animations … getting the same rewards that you need "x" amounts … to repeat the same cycle with the next monster 😂😂😂

  29. I legit completed GU at 100%, i really did every single thing you can possibly do, and to this day its still my favourite Monster Hunter game of all time.
    I started back on the PSP with Freedom and played all of them until Sunbreak, and seeing old monsters coming back, armors & weapons, characters, the villages of Kokoto or Pokke, with their theme songs remixed with the sole purpose of making you feel nostalgic… This game was a tribute to players like me, with a different mindset that came from World.

    Let it go, play it, love it or hate it.

  30. I love this game I even found it on my switch when I was in Dubai😂 I did not even know they had it for switch but I wish they port it to steam to me this was n still is the best monster hunter game out thier



  32. Generations ultimate has almost all of my favorite monsters, but I bought it for my switch after getting rid of my 3ds and haven't played it simply because I remember how long it took to get where I was previously. I truly hope they bring back some of my favorites from GU in the next game

  33. Even tho GU is that game that you just described, I just cant help myself to always just go back to World and start a new save.

    World is such an immersive game, everything feels so alive and organic, it has an extreme degree of attention to detail, and the progression is the best paced game I have ever played.

    World is just perfect in my eyes.

  34. Why did it take you 11 hours? You only need to do key quests to raise through the ranks.

  35. I need to go back and play more of GU. I was playing together with my wife before another game came and stole our interest – MH World. We played through the vast majority of that, only stopping after beating Shara Ishvalda, when Zelda or something kept us occupied just long enough for Rise to come out. We kind of abruptly stopped because she assumed we'd finished the game, but we're planning on going back so we can get into Sunbreak too. I think I'll finish Generations on my own, then play some co-op with her if she decides to come back to it.

  36. GU is the only monster hunter i have 100%'ed. I was just trying to do all deviants and getting the best sets for all weapons and by the time i finished that i was 6% away from finishing everything, so i did it cause why not. The most painful ones were prowler cause no one wanted to do them lol. I was also lucky that i played and did all that before base rise relased, lobbies where still common and a bunch of people regularly played.

    As you said you should really play every now and then tho i did play when that virus was still considered deadly so a lot of people had a lot of free time which made hunts more enjoyable

  37. The world record for both the guild and village combined, without cheats is 6 hours… So… I refute your thesis lol

  38. Do you think there is still hope for My Hero Academia to make an amazing comeback? I’m sorry if this is of topic to the video, but I still have faith that the series can be great again and I wanted to know if you do too. That is if you see this comment.

  39. Playstation button Icons at MHGU – How is this possible?

  40. I have never been able to finish every quest in a monster hunter game since i started back at MH3 and …. hinestly i thought thats just how it was supposed to be… when i got MH rise and finished all the quests in the base game i felt dissapointed tbh .. cuz there was nothing left to do.

  41. I thought this was a video for Warframe.
    When you gonna give up saying all patron names?

  42. I cant wait for you to translate the sunbreak book.

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