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Who Is The Strongest Sea Monster – Jurassic World The Game

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ArcheLon Tournament Battle Event- Jurassic World The Game
Jurassic World: Return to Isla Nublar with the creators of the smash hit Jurassic Park™ Builder for your next adventure: Jurassic World™: The Game, the official mobile game based on this summer’s epic action-adventure.
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Welcome back to your park – Time to GO GREEN!

Ludia, Apple and WWF are working together to protect life on our planet. From now until April 24, WWF will receive 100% of the proceeds from your purchases of our exclusive WWF card packs.

This Earth Day, Jurassic World™: The Game is bringing you limited exclusives:

– Build and explore brand new greenhouses, energy-generating turbines, and more!
– Plant new green spaces and take in the view.
– Collect, hatch & evolve 2 new land dinosaurs.
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  1. Because everything have advantage alway have disadvantage

  2. I sqy that mosasaurus is the king of the sea monsters. And also yudon isn,t the strongest metriaphodon in the strongest

  3. Who has pachygalosaurus level 40 leave a like and also who is in 2018 like😊😊😊😊

  4. Man im a battle another edutus bc i have a edutus

  5. dunklosteus are stronger than  megalodon

  6. I think he/she knows about the glitch if so it is you you need to have sea creatures and then you get in the land battle or aquatic battle then you hit one time and then get out then you continue then do it again then concede it then get to the land battle then when you are ready go in and you should be under water with your land dinos how cool or do it backwards and then your aquatic creature will be on land how epic is that!

  7. and I have the game love it working on to get the INDOMINUS REX can not wait I have t-rex and my raptor at level 20 working on my t-rex the most and not much of my raptor the t-rex is actually going to be at level 40 cause I have enough DNA for one

  8. I say edestus looks more scarier than megalodon

  9. Is it just me, or does Edestus and Helicoprion look so much bigger than Megalodon?

  10. edestus is noob
    1. edestus was made my roblox
    2. edestus was died killed by all sea monsters becaues they needed no stronger in water in real life 2000
    3. edestus was killed and eat only trees

  11. wtf these are so week,man the strongest aquoatic dino is hainosaurus!

  12. I think it would have been better if the Helicorpion used its mouth and not its tail to fight

  13. Helicoprion high health but low dmg,edestus high damage,but low hp

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