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Who Will Get Eaten By The One Eyed Monster? | Game Of Games

Game Of Games
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Hosted by Grant Denyer with the help of Ash London, Game of Games takes every day Australians to dizzying heights and crazy lengths to take out the big cash prize. Originating as a segment on the US daytime talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Game of Games is the perfect light-hearted antidote to a serious week. Contestants are pulled from the audience, and it’s giving us all The Price Is Right feels, then sent flying through the air, splattered in the face, dumped into gunge, spun around and even sent plunging into the deep unknown. Not only is there a crazy amount of ultimate prize money to be won – $50,000 to be exact – but contestants even get the opportunity to Make It Rain dollar, dollar bills ya’ll! Now that’s one storm we’d happily want to get caught in.

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  1. Dessert was served for the one eyed monster. lol.

  2. Legend has it that she is still in the backrooms to this day

  3. Bro got karma when she she didn't care getting eaten

  4. I thought of playing this game at first but then when I saw that it really swallows people alive I was like NO WAY

  5. Can't believe that she didn't know how many I's are there in the word impossible

  6. Ok but why did i get evey question correct like ????

  7. Sure. One of them is the bad one, but many times the game can end so soon.


  9. I cried because that was my lady but now I have my dad stay with me and also to keep with me for now

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