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Xeno’jiiva Done Quick – Monster Hunter: World Showcase – GDQ Hotfix Speedruns

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Today on the GDQ Hotfix, we’re showcasing a run of Monster Hunter: World. This episode aired on October 2nd 2023.

Introduction starts at 0:00​​​​​​​
Monster Hunter: World starts at 1:35

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  1. MHW looks so refreshing after watching Rise gameplay for so long, while I love the bugmoves, the music, colors, and overall theme of World fills my heart with a childhood need to hunt big things.

  2. I love Kushala becuase of chaining those knock downs.

  3. As amazing as this run was I really appreciated you guys talking about the lore and stuff in MH.

  4. if zora mag skip could be skipped it cut time by a huge amount i dont know how long each quest takes but im gonna say up to 15 to 20 mins off the run maybe more?

  5. its always nice to see an honest pro, where they show that even they make mistakes or get bad luck and the trick is just rolling with them and pushing ahead.

  6. I heard if you end a quest timer while hanging from something like the grapple bugs it saves time?

  7. Pharaoh's way too shy with his eggs. It wasn't until the last game that he started bullying with them.

  8. Lmao I came here wondering if there was a skip for Zorah

  9. Forced cutscenes and Zorah waiting aren't all bad. Especially without defender gear, they gave some sorely needed breaks to a very long run.

  10. This was amazing. In spite of everything going wrong, Jal kept his cool and was able to recover! A real testament to his skill as a player that he's able to improvise when the monsters go off-script. The flawless execution of some of the scripts is fascinating, but his ability to ad-lib is just impressive.

  11. Honestly truly outstanding. I couldn't even imagine doing it this quickly, some fo those hunts were just stupid good.

  12. I sort of casually Speedrun individual monster fights in mhw iceborne. And one of the things that is the most annoying that you figure out real quick. Is that sometimes the monsters just dont feel like cooperating. You can bait out certain moves from monsters by being certain distances from them, and sometimes they will just give you the move you want back to back, and other times they just absolutely refuse to do what you want.

    Fatalis is a perfect example of this. He has a long conal fire breath attack that is a perfect window of opportunity to get in good damage. You can bait him into doing it by being somewhat of a medium distance from his front. I swear sometimes he will do every move he has but that one. Then I have had runs he just does it like 3 times in a row. Runs get made or break based off his move rng.

  13. Uhm, this madlad just finished Fatalis% in just over 9 hours… The vod is on his twitch

  14. I return after few years. bought iceborne n play back. now im addicted again.

  15. my first big wall was diablos, but felt so good when i finally cleared him
    (no defender gear as it didn't exist at that point in time)

  16. Oof, big RIP on missing that Kulu capture. You hate to see it.

  17. That paolumu fight perfectly describes my casual experience with that thing. I hate it, not because it's hard, but because it's unbearably annoying lol

  18. How is he even skipping the cutscenes? Im rerunning MH:W on PC currently, I played it on launch on PS4 and it really sucks to play the whole story again, especially not being able to skip the cutscenes.

  19. thanks I love MH full game speed run so much there's so little content on youtube

  20. I put around 400 hours in this game and it brings me so much delight seeing it absolutely destroyd
    Congrats Jal on this amazing run

  21. Idk what it is but it seems very tool assisted.

  22. People hating on the clutch claw
    Meanwhile i love it lmao

  23. A bit late but it's nice to finally see another monster hunter game featured in GDQ. Also, it's a surprise to see Jalbagel to be the one doing this speedrun after showcasing MHR last year.

  24. That was amazing ! I never finished behemoth and last boss from dlc but I have still it on ps4 to one day back 😉 thanks you both for great experience I rlly love this game and that was fun to sit till last boss with 😮 every time

  25. World was so awesome. Watching this makes me wana play again

  26. I like how he says we need fist weapons but tonfas exist X3

  27. Great run, but man this instantly reminded me why I stopped playing Iceborne, the clutch claw was the worst thing to happen to monster hunter. Clunky, finicky, scripted garbage. Base world was a gem.

  28. I love the insurance fraud gag. Strong narrative conceit

  29. This is just outstanding. I love this. I would love to do this to even some of the fights. Good work.

  30. Wow, capcom REALLY didn't want a zorah skip to happen huh

  31. Big fan of World, ready to see this run demolish how long it took me to get through this game

  32. So nice to see this game get a speedrun! wish I had that cutscene skip myself. Hope the next MH game takes all the best parts from world and rise.

    PS: The runner did a great job improvising. Chasing monsters is half the fun!

  33. I've been a charge blade and gunlance user for the longest time

  34. Insurance fraud hunter. Best way I have ever heard this game described. 😂

  35. At least speedruners enjoy the clutch law…

  36. Very entertaining run. Bought MHW on launch so many years ago and I've been addicted to MH ever since.

  37. "Our boat got hit by….a mountain." I hate it when that happens

  38. I was struggling SO much with Kushala Daora, and seeing it be obliterated on such a high level is kind of fascinating but also very humbling 😂

  39. This was pretty awesome, I love watching a good MH speedrun.

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